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Rikolto Podcast: How to thrive through change?

April 11, 2024
Jelle Goossens
Communications officer Rikolto in Belgium

In our latest episode of the podcast 'The Recipe of Rikolto', our colleague Jelle talks with Stephanie Daniels and Mary Shetto, both members of Rikolto’s Board of Directors who strategically guide our organisation in its mission to transform food systems towards sustainability.

Bring your passion and unique leadership style to what Rikolto does.” Says Stephanie, the former president of the board who is passing the baton to Mary, an agricultural and rural development specialist with over 30 years' experience in East Africa working closely with smallholder farmers.

Both have been involved in steering Rikolto's transition from a Belgian-led organisation to a decentralised network organisation with a holistic view of food systems. In this podcast, we look back with Stephanie on this process: what have we learned and what questions remain unanswered? But we also extend our curiosity to the future and explore with Mary what it means for Rikolto to fully embrace a food systems perspective.

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Including the critical voices of farming communities and urban consumers is at the heart of our programmes, but inclusion is also fundamental to the organisational change, in creating a global network that can allow people from different cultures, operating in different time zones, speaking different languages, having different types of access to the internet...It's quite challenging to create a system that authentically includes everyone; that is really special to me about what the organisation is trying to achieve

Stephanie Daniels

Board of Directors member

A new board leadership towards a new mission  

Mary Shetto is the new president of the board of directors of Rikolto International. She takes over from Stephanie Daniels, who joined the board in 2017 when Rikolto became a network organisation. Explore this article to learn more about the dynamic changes within our Board of Directors and the exciting path ahead.

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