Rikolto's values

We are an organisation that lives its values. They are part of what makes our organisational culture. Despite differences across regions, they are the invisible glue that connects us all.

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Rikolto is its people

Rikolto is its people... but who are Rikolto's people?

Our staff

We strive to be an organisation based on principles of self-management enabling our staff to contribute to their full potential and feel highly motivated. We create a safe and enabling environment where people can experiment, be creative, fail and learn from it. We respectfully exchange honest feedback between each other and invite everyone to contribute and speak up. We engage people that share our values and work ethics, and we select them on the basis of their mindset, competence and experience.

Our collaborators, donors and partners

We define ourself a nimble network organisation. We believe connection and collaboration are vital to bring about the changes we want to see at system level. In order to develop mutual trust, we readily share information and we are transparent about both our successes and failings. We promote mutual learning exchanges based on each own expertises and experiences.

We are explorers. We are not afraid to have our boots in the fields while looking for concrete solutions in cooperation and open dialogue with all the actors involved to a greater or lesser degree. Farmers are valued as equal partners and key actors in the path towards a more sustainble food system.

6 values as guiding principles

Acting in accordance with our core values is more than protecting our image and reputation or avoiding legal problems. Our values are our guiding principles, so that each of us know what is the right thing to do.

Rikolto is its people

We believe in people's drive as a force for change. We operate with a clear understanding that each of our collaborators, partners and individual supporters play an important role in achieving a more fair and just society.


We are striving for a world in which sustainable development is an integral part of the way people think and act.

Open dialogue

Rikolto is a safe space where people can experiment, be creative, fail and learn from their mistakes without any judgement. Externally we value our contacts with the usual actors as well as with the less obvious ones.


We are determined and passionate explorers who are not afraid to get our hands dirty looking for practical solutions. We dare to innovate.


Sharing is caring. Rikolto is an international network organisation in which connection and collaboration are vital. This helps us to open our minds and learn from each other


Doing the right thing even if no-one is looking. We must all maintain the highest standards of moral and financial integrity, which includes truthfulness, fairness and honesty. Rikolto therefore promotes safety, trust and authenticity so people will speak up and encourage others to make the right decisions.

We embrace these values and are passionate about how to realise our mission and vision. We promote regular dialogue to ensure our organisation values can be understood and owned within each cultural setting. In this way we can understand and renew our practice in a participatory and effective way.

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Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

In June 2019, our International Board of Directors approved Rikolto's Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. Upholding these Codes is one of the keystones to achieving our organisational goals.

The Code of Ethics is not just a buzzword. It is part of our DNA. We promote an environment in which members of staff take ownership in developing and defining Rikolto’s core values.

Acting in accordance with our core values is more than protecting our image and reputation or avoiding legal problems. Our Code of Conduct guides us through a set of standards to ensure that we all do the right thing and act in line with our six values: belief in people, inclusivity, open dialogue, sustainability, integrity and innovation.

At Rikolto, we take any possible integrity complaints or concerns seriously, and will treat them with all due respect and confidentiality. The protection of personal data and the provision of confidentiality is guaranteed for all those involved.

Should you wish to voice any concerns or complaints, you can reach out to Nina Pattyn, our Complaint Manager: complaintmanager@rikolto.org

She is fluent in English, French and Dutch. If at all possible, we would like to ask you to voice your concern in any of these languages. If you do reach out in another language, the Complaint Manager will probably need to look for support for translation. Her follow-up communication with you will be in English (or any of the other languages mentioned above).

We advise you to copy-paste and answer all the questions in the frame below in your mail to the Complaint Manager.

  • First and Last name
  • E-mail adress and/or Telephone number
  • Describe your complaint or concern: what happened, where, when, which persons are involved)?
  • How did you learn about this situation?
  • Were there any other parties involved or any witnesses?
  • Have you discussed the situation with others already and, if so, with whom?
  • Do you have any documentary evidence (e.g. e-mail conversations) that you are willing to share?
  • To your knowledge, have any actions been taken already in terms of care for the victim(s)?
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