A sustainable income for farmers
and nutritious, affordable food for everyone.

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The resilience of our food system is at stake.

How can we guarantee that coming generations retain access to affordable quality food? Tackling the inter-related challenges of food insecurity, climate change, and economic inequality requires collective action.

We join forces with smallholder farmer organisations, companies, authorities and other food system actors. We create innovative ways of accessing, distributing and producing nutritious, quality food. We ensure the sustainability of our actions by developing solid and inclusive business relationships, so that no one is left behind.

We change the recipe of our food system through three global programmes

Instruments to make inclusive business a reality

The engagement and collaboration of all food system stakeholders is crucial for a sustainable food system. Based on our experience in facilitating inclusive business relations and multi-stakeholder processes, we have created a toolkit. Navigate through the concepts, tools and attitudes needed to make multi-stakeholder collaboration work in food systems.

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