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Week for Good Food

November 30, 2023
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From 12 to 21 January 2024, we will champion the right to good food in Belgium and around the world, alongside those who fight for it every day.

We care about good food

Good food is the most economically viable health care. It provides a livelihood for millions of farming families and is a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change. It also connects people, bridging the gap between urban and rural communities. But despite its importance, access to good food is still not a universal right.

Discover the facts

  • Almost half of the world's population (42%) cannot afford a healthy and varied diet (source: FAO)
  • A growing number of children and adolescents are at risk of becoming overweight. In Belgium, a quarter of children and adolescents fall into this category (source: WHO)
  • There are significant food and health inequalities, especially among families living in poverty. Choosing healthy food becomes even more difficult for them, with children and adolescents twice as likely to be overweight compared to their peers from more privileged backgrounds (source: HBSC)
That is why, during the Week for Good Food from 12 to 21 January, we want to inspire a collective commitment to good food.

Cities for good food

In Antwerp, Leuven and Ghent, Rikolto is actively involved in city food strategies that aim to make good food an everyday matter for everyone. During the Week for Good Food, these cities will showcase their initiatives in collaboration with schools, farmers, scientists, chefs and other food heroes dedicated to the cause. Similar activities are also planned in cities around the world where Rikolto works.

In Hanoi, students from Yen Hoa Secondary School are gearing up for a friendly competition to make the best 'healthy salad'. This event promises to be a day of fun, connection and the celebration of delicious, nutritious food - the perfect embodiment of the Week for Good Food.

In Mbeya, market vendors are taking part in a special initiative to improve their stalls. By submitting innovative proposals, they stand a chance of winning a prize to invest in their businesses. These vendors have already improved their understanding of food safety practices through participation in the Participatory Food Safety System (PFSS) initiative. However, the practical implementation of these practices is often challenged by a lack of infrastructure. This initiative not only recognises their efforts, but also aims to break down the barriers that hinder the improvement of food safety standards.

Join the campaign

Throughout the Week for Good Food, people like you will be organising actions to raise awareness about good food.

Organise an action

Victor sells home-made lasagne and in Lede, 1,000 plates of spaghetti are served. Annelies cooks for the whole street. What action can you think of to make people care about good food?

Create and share your action

Get inspired

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You can also shine a spotlight on your food hero!

Every day, people and organisations around the world work tirelessly for good food. Who in your town or city deserves recognition? Fill in the form on this page (page available in Dutch only) with your first name, surname, email and answer the question "Who or what would you like to highlight during the Week for Good Food ?" Tell us a little about yourself and the initiative or person you would like to highlight during the Week for Good Food . In the run-up to the Week for Good Food, we will send you a digital communication pack to help you highlight the person or initiative on social media or through local media.

If you're short on time but still want to support Rikolto and its mission to ensure good food for all, consider donating via this link.

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