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The Generation Food Bootcamp: That’s a wrap! What’s up next?

October 27, 2020
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At the end of August, 160 young entrepreneurs sat together and hacked their way into a sustainable food system for Arusha. Based on the viability and sustainability of their business ideas, 70 youth were selected to participate in a 2-week Generation Food Bootcamp in September and October. The main purpose: Equipping young entrepreneurs with the right tools to pursue their innovative ideas. From interactive workshops with coaching to improve their business skills to a ‘boots on the ground’ approach visiting successful entrepreneurs that are changing the food system in and around Arusha, there was no time for thumb twiddling.

Throughout the two weeks, several inspiring leaders and stakeholders joined the upcoming young entrepreneurs and talked about their experience, insights, and requirements to kick off a successful business. Their brains get picked by the youth popping questions about any concern they have on their mind.

Sounds boring? Oh no! The infinite number of questions – from morning to evening – can serve as proof for the attention drawn by the lively speakers and the energy present in the room. How to access finance to kickstart the business? How to get certified as a food processor? How to develop a small start-up into a sustainable and successful business? Which information do the authorities need about my business? So many questions, so little time…

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What’s next in line for the Generation Food entrepreneurs

The 25 most sustainable businesses that build on innovative ideas to change the food system will continue to a business incubator in which the entrepreneurs will receive tailored coaching on challenges they encounter while getting their business to the next level. They will also have the opportunity to access finance for their business.

Going from 400 hackathon applications to just 25 incubator participants… It’s a tough competition, but Nelson Mandela once said: “Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead”. The bootcamp is already an important milestone that the young entrepreneurs can celebrate and that will be one of the building blocks for their business.

Taking the coaching, feedback, and inspiration on board, bootcamp participants have now one month to refine their business and develop it further. At the beginning of December, they’ll have the opportunity to pitch their idea during a competition in front of a jury that will assess their business ideas. It will go hand in hand with a networking event where youth can make the necessary business connections that are often not accessible to them.

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