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Increasing fruit and vegetable intake for consumers

July 1, 2021
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Since 2018, Rikolto’s project "Increasing fruits and vegetables intake for low-income populations in Vietnam through food system innovations" (FVN) has been implemented in four wards: Van Chuong, Hang Bot (Dong Da district), Bien Giang, and Dong Mai (Ha Dong district). The work package 2a (WP2a) of the project encourages small retailers and consumers in implementing initiatives on consumption.

Nguyen Van Quy is one of the first consumers to participate in WP2a’s loyalty card initiative – a part of the FVN project. Every month, he receives a card with which he can purchase the fruits and vegetables on the list. The card is valid for one month. For each purchase with a total value of 50,000VND, he will get 1 point from the seller. Reaching 10 points, he will receive a 50,000 VND discount on his next purchase and get a gift such as a shopping bag.

Quy shared:

"In the past, I rarely bought fruits due to financial constraints. I only focused on buying meat to prepare my daily meals. Since I got my customer card, I buy fruits more often, so the family meal becomes richer.”

Since December 2020, 300 consumers like him have joined Rikolto’s loyalty card program, 60-70% of them have increased from 1 to 2 turns of purchase per week.

Nguy Thi Ngan, a fruit seller at Van Chuong market, shared, "Since implementing initiatives, I have got more customers who come to buy more frequently.” Additionally, she and other sellers participated in the training on nutrition consultancy for customers and fruits displaying manners, which was organized by nutritionists and FVN staff.

According to WHO recommendations, adults should consume 400g of vegetables and fruits per day to reach nutritional needs, prevent micronutrient deficiencies, overweight and obesity, and non-communicable diseases. However, the National Institute of Nutrition's most recent survey data from 2019-2020 shows that Vietnamese people's consumption of vegetables and fruits is only about 66.4 % - 77.4 % as compared.

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