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Rikolto Podcast: How are your contributions managed?

July 7, 2023
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Where does the money for Rikolto's projects come from? How is it invested? And how do we guarantee that the funds are managed transparently? In this episode of our podcast, The Rikolto Recipe, our financial wizards Jen Willems and Wayan Adiana provide the answers.

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Rikolto Podcast: Rice,the climate and you

Named after the goddess of rice, Catur Utami Dewi, was destined to coordinate Rikolto's rice activities around the globe. In this episode of our podcast, The Rikolto Recipe, she tells us how rice production is both a culprit and a victim of today's challenges, such as climate change. But more importantly: She shows how new global partnerships are turning the tide to bring good rice to everyday consumers like you.

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