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Not all (project) endings are sad: Urban farming in Kampala continues to flourish

February 2, 2022
Ine Tollenaers
Donor Communication Manager

Urban farming has far more benefits than proving food for growing cities: It can generate income by selling the vegetables grown at home. It can also add highly nutritious vegetables to the diet of urban residents and their children, contributing to the fight against malnutrition. Besides the economic and social impact, it also makes the city landscape greener. For those reasons, Rikolto, KCCA and UNEP worked together in the framework of an urban farming project called “Promoting Sustainable Urban & Peri-urban Agriculture for healthy, sustainable, and nutritious diets in Kampala”.

On 12 November 2021, we celebrated the end of the project as well as a bright future for urban farming in Kampala. We invited different stakeholders in Kampala’s food system to celebrate with us: Government officials, local authorities that were involved or have an interest in the project, representatives from foreign governments such as the Belgian embassy, several NGOs, Kampala’s model farmers, companies, youth and many more.

The event provided for a perfect opportunity to discuss Rikolto’s global Food Smart City programme, the government’s vision to create sustainable food systems and of course the objectives and achievements of the project itself.

What did we achieve?

  • 50 model farmers trained to use and demonstrate five urban farming technologies
  • Equip model farmers with the necessary information to sensitise their communities on food safety and nutrition
  • An analysis of the social return of investment in urban and peri-urban farming in Kampala
  • Promoting urban farming by organising a workshop with Kampala’s food system stakeholders
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A summary of our closure event in pictures

Touring the Kyanja Resource Center

Instead of have a long conference to close the project, we thought something better… What better way to showcase the project activities than to see the five technologies promoted within the scope of the project in practice at the KCCA Kyanja resource center? Join the tour by scrolling through the snapshots below.

From food to art…

Besides learning, there was also space for entertainment! We invited professional musicians and dancers to translate the meaning of urban farming and healthy, sustainable and nutritious food into art.

… to more serious business

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone for their contributions to the project and their active participation in the closing ceremony. We hope to see many more urban farms in Kampala’s near future.

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