Facilitating multistakeholder processes: a toolkit

A woman voicing her opinion in a cooperative meeting

A sustainable income for farmers and nutritious, affordable food for everyone demands the engagement and collaboration of all food system stakeholders.

That is why, in the second half of 2021, we organised a training of trainers on Multistakeholder Process (MSP) with Iñigo Retolaza, an expert on the facilitation and development of MSP.

The facilitating multi-stakeholder processes: a toolkit offers the essential concepts, tools and attitudes needed to make multi-stakeholder collaboration work in food systems.

“May we all grow in our capacities to nurture multi-stakeholder solutions that change the recipe of our food systems. Enjoy the ride!”

Chris Claes

Executive Director of Rikolto

Download your copy of this toolkit that provides you with a roadmap for you to get inspired, experiment with, learn from and adapt the resources to fit your context and needs.

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“MSP facilitation is both an art and a science. There are some common steps and methods that lead to establishing an MSP. At the same time, the facilitation of an MSP is highly context-dependent and needs to be flexible so as to respond to unexpected dynamics (which always emerge!)”.

Iñigo Retolaza

Expert on facilitation and development on MSP

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A woman voicing her opinion in a cooperative meeting