Robin Food Webinar

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Robin Food Webinar: save food, support people.

Learn from our practitioners how to build a startup on food surpluses and how to include people in vulnerable conditions.

[Update 28/04/2021]: Due to the uncertain availability of several of our contributors, we decided to cancel this webinar for now. If you already registered an made a payment, we will reach out to you to settle this. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Robin Food is an EIT Food-funded project that unites companies and organisations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain to transform food leftovers into valuable products. We develop business models that make the products accessible for vulnerable groups and offer a viable business to the companies that produce them. More information on

In this webinar, the partners share their lessons and experiences from this unlikely collaboration.

[May 18 @ 15h] Business models to make good food accessible to vulnerable groups

[May 18 @ 15h] Business models to make good food accessible to vulnerable groups

The partners in the Robin Food project showcase the models used to make healthy food affordable for vulnerable groups. What difficulties do they face to get access to healthy food? How can we offer opportunities to people with a distance to the regular job market in the processing of these products? How can retailers and schools catalyze our efforts? We present examples from Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain.

  • When: May 18, 15h-17h (CEST)
  • Contributions from De Verspillingsfabriek, enVie, Riso Samenlevingsopbouw Vlaams-Brabant, KU Leuven, Rikolto, RobinGood, Colruyt Group & FoodWIN. Programme below.
  • Price: Free for students // 40 euro (VAT incl) for professionals


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  1. Context:
    The state of Food Waste: a closer look at the situation in Flanders by FOODwin
    The face of poverty and access to healthy food: an overview by Riso Samenlevingsopbouw Vlaams-Brant
  2. Improving access to healthy food for vulnerable families through a circular and social business model. An introduction from KU Leuven to hands-on frameworks. An in-depth look at 3 cases from De Verspillingsfabriek, enVie and RobinGood.
  3. Panel discussion on the main takeaways of our partners and the answers to your questions.
  4. What's next? Revealing the Robin Food cooperative and RobinFood@School