Healthy vegetables for modern markets

Healthy vegetables for modern markets

Four producer organisations collaborate to supply modern markets with healthy and sustainably produced vegetables, guaranteeing a better income for their members

As the world population continues to grow and natural resources are depleting, the question of how to make sure everyone has access to safe, quality food pops up. Globally, and in Nicaragua. Improving the resilience of agriculture is a key strategy to tackle these challenges.

With this in mind, Rikolto in Central America has encouraged four cooperatives of small-scale farmers, COOSEMPODA, COOSMPROJIN, TOMATOYA and SACACLI, to collaborate. The aim of this collaboration is to guarantee a stable supply of vegetables to modern markets, based on a sustainable and inclusive business model. Ultimately, this should lead to an increased quality of life for small-scale farmers who are members of these four cooperatives.

To achieve this, Rikolto gives cooperatives and their members technical assistance on the use of Good Agricultural Practices, so as to be able to guarantee a production of qualitative and safe vegetables with low environmental impact.


Developing a sustainable and inclusive vegetable sector in Nicaragua, to improve the quality of life of small-scale producers through the production and marketing of healthy, high-quality vegetables to modern markets


  • Strengthening the capacities of four cooperatives of small-scale vegetable farmers so they can become reliable food providers for modern markets and trustworthy business partners.
  • Providing financial and technical support for systems of horticultural management to make the vegetable production more sustainable.
  • Providing technical support to map the knowledge needs and the expertise of technical personnel, executives and boards of the producer organisations.
  • Designing and implementing Farmer Field Schools.
  • Supporting and financing training and capacity building in (environmental) sustainability and technological innovation.


2017 - 2021

We have achieved that...

The four cooperatives are supplying Subway, La Colonia and Wal-Mart in Nicaragua with healthy, safe and sustainably produced vegetables.

What are we going for in the long term?

By 2021, we want the four cooperatives to act, on behalf of their members, as trustworthy business partners and strategic providers of healthy vegetables to modern markets (Subway, supermarket chains, ...). These vegetables are all produced according to Good Agricultural Practices.



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Claudio Mojica
Claudio Mojica