WeFarm: technological innovation on the farm

WeFarm: technological innovation on the farm

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VECO Andino, the National Coffee Board in Peru (JNC) and WeFarm join forces to give 600 coffee families access to knowledge through the use of WeFarm technology. The platform allows farmers to discuss the issues they experience over SMS. It makes the communication between farmers easier, quicker and they no longer have to leave their farms to receive support. help. They can now receive an immediate response to their issue, sent from farmers from different parts of the world. The platform can be used with even very basic mobile devices.

250,000 coffee growers and cocoa farmers around the world use WeFarm. It’s a global, constantly developing network for sharing ideas, challenges and solutions.

Telecommunication as part of the farm

Telecommunication already plays a vital role in the lives of small-scale farmers. More than 90% have access to mobile phones. Farmers who can easily and quickly exchange of information can then improve their practices and, subsequently, their income. On the WeFarm platform, every farmer can share their acquired knowledge with others.

The National Coffee Board (JNC), an institution specialised in the coffee sector, provides the basic information for the WeFarm platform. That information is handed to VECO Andino, who advises and analyses which information farmers need. Within that process, the national reach involvement of JNC makes the association a key partner in the coordination and monitoring of the information delivered by WeFarm.

Sharing experiences

Facilitating access to communication and knowledge should provide solutions that are viable and affordable for farmers. Such information is much needed. Indeed, small-scale farmers are the ones who suffer the most from the consequences of climate change: dealing with the effects of climate change requires adopting new agricultural techniques.

VECO Andino integrates the WeFarm platform in its work with farmer organisations in order to improve the content of the messages. Currently, 7 cooperatives have access to WeFarm as a tool for internal communication. The experience acquired during the use over the coming months will decide if the pilot initiative can be scaled at a national level with the help from the National Coffee Board.

Text: Ma. Gabriela González A.
Photos: Kuntur y Pixabay