Virtual learning platform for onboarding, internal learning and competence development

Virtual learning platform for onboarding, internal learning and competence development

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About Rikolto

A sustainable income for farmers, and nutritious, affordable food for everyone: this is what Rikolto works for. Rikolto is an international network organisation with more than 40 years of experience in partnering with farmer organisations and food chain stakeholders across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Rikolto has a global team of 196 employees, based in 5 offices across the world.

Through our global network, we wish to inspire others to tackle with us the inter-related challenges of food insecurity, climate change, and economic inequality.

Our work is structured around three global programmes: our global Rice, Cocoa and Coffee, and Food Smart Cities programmes. Inclusive business is at the core of each of these programmes. In every aspect of our work, we pay special attention to the empowerment of women and young people, as well as to climate change and biodiversity.

Read more about our global Food Smart Cities, Rice, Cocoa & Coffee programmes.


As the organization is bracing itself for growth, it has become clear that Rikolto should invest in a virtual learning platform, to:

  • Streamline onboarding of new colleagues;
  • Offer internal courses;
  • Provide resources and training to develop relevant competences.


A recent survey among new staff revealed the need for a digital onboarding platform where they can regularly check resource documents, and processes and understand the organizational structure and culture.

Rikolto has also developed several internal courses and training material. The virtual learning platform would facilitate harmonizing their content and offering it in bite-sized pieces to learn at one’s own pace.

Aware of the near-infinite possibilities of virtual applications and platforms, Rikolto is looking for a provider who can offer us a simple, clear and user-friendly virtual learning platform that motivates colleagues to make the most out of it.


The expected content use of this platform is basic:

  • Mixed text, visuals, audio and video content
  • Embedding YouTube videos,
  • Linking to O365 documents and external websites

The platform should offer the possibility to customize learning curricula based on profiles and regional affiliation. Users should be able to access an overview of their learning paths (% completed; outstanding modules).

The platform should allow for quizzes to test the level of understanding after each module. HR staff should be able to see these completion and success rates for all colleagues. It should have a visual identity based on Rikolto's brand and values, ensuring easy access and stimulating people's learning.

The platform should also foresee the following functionalities:

  • A comment or Q&A section for users to ask questions to the content owner and to provide feedback,
  • A search function for fast and easy access to content,
  • Availability in different languages (minimum English, French, Spanish; preferably also in Dutch, Swahili, Vietnamese, Indonesian)
  • Low-bandwidth and/or offline modalities for colleagues with poor internet connections,
  • Creation of certificates or badges upon successful completion of course content and tests,
  • To provide the possibility for users/profiles to manage notifications or reminders regarding their progress on specifics modules,
  • Desirable: Single Sign-On with Office365 accounts,
  • Foresee a next phase that could integrate more elements of gamification,

Ideally, the online learning platform offers integration with 3rd party or in-house competence development modules (covering standard competences such as results-based management; teamwork; conflict resolution; network building; problem-solving skills; providing feedback; collaborative decision-making; professional English; …).


We are looking for a provider who offers a virtual learning platform that meets the following requirements:

  • Flexible pricing relative to the number of active users (we expect between 100 and 150 active users per month) – ideally at a non-profit rate
  • Customisable platform to the Rikolto look and feel,
  • Buffer time to create and upload content to the platform prior to its roll-out
  • Track record with similar organizations
  • Helpdesk for troubleshooting.

Interested? Curious?

Interested candidates are requested to submit their proposals (in English) by July 8, 2022, to tom.vandensteen [at]

Proposals should contain an overview of the platform’s main features and how they respond to Rikolto’s needs and requirements, along with the financial proposal, and a list of relevant similar organisations currently using the learning platform.

After reviewing the proposals, the selection committee shall schedule a call for a demonstration of the platform.

Download the terms of reference