Tender: Salesforce data visualisation

Tender: Salesforce data visualisation

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Rikolto has been using Salesforce for two main purposes:

  • Customer Relations Management tool; and

  • Project database with basic project information and indicators connected to network-wide and region-specific progress reports.

Rikolto is looking for a developer who can connect indicator data in our Salesforce database with a user-friendly visualisation environment. The visualisation needs are described in the Terms of Reference attached at the bottom of this page.

Tender procedure

Interested developers should submit the following information by November 13, 2020:

  1. Overview of relevant experience (3-5 similar projects) with links to publicly available results, demo or screenshots of delivered results.

  2. Cost overview for each of the following areas of work (as detailed in “Scope of work”): Development of Salesforce Connector (one-time cost); Development of Cluster and Project Dashboards (one-time cost); Company-wide annual license fee (annual cost); Daily rate for new developments (upon request after project completion). Costs should include VAT (if applicable – Rikolto is a foundation of public interest registered in Belgium).

  3. Project implementation timeline.

  4. Proposed data protection mechanism to prevent data leaks from the visualization platform.

The tenders should be submitted to:

Michaela Boyen
Michaela Boyen
Programme Advisor Planning, Learning & Accountability