Tender: donor prospection assigment

Tender: donor prospection assigment

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We are looking for a consultant (or team of consultants) to do thorough research on Rikolto’s key donor prospects and to open up doors to prospected funders by taking the first steps in the relationship building, upon which Rikolto’s programme staff and directors can immediately act for their donor advancement. Furthermore, we want the consultant to set up a robust system for donor research and advancement that can be continuously used by Rikolto after the consultancy assignment has ended.

1. Context of the assignment

Rikolto is an international NGO with more than 40 years’ experience in partnering with farmer organisations and food chain stakeholders across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Rikolto runs programmes in 16 countries worldwide through seven regional offices. We’re a close-knit network of accessible and knowledgeable colleagues, willing to share experience and eager to inspire others. This network of Rikolto offices is supported by a Global Support Team, which fulfils key advisory roles and offers shared services such as finance, monitoring & evaluation, people & organisation, communication and fundraising.

One of the overall goals the Global Support Team has set, is to increase fundraising successes by setting up global systems to reach operational excellence, and work towards a strengthened and more diversified donor and strategic partner base.

2. Scope of work

To this end, we are looking for a consultant (or team of consultants) with excellent knowledge of and a network within the donor landscape, and with the ability to quickly acquire a helicopter view on Rikolto’s programme ambitions (regionally and thematically).

This for a three-fold assignment:

1. Provide actionable donor intelligence on institutional donors (private foundations, governments, multilateral funds, impact investors, …) with funding opportunities of € 500,000 or more. Based on

  • List of Rikolto’s current and past funders and their reasons for funding Rikolto; analysis per region and per theme (see below);
  • List of key prospects already identified by Rikolto;
  • An evaluation of Rikolto’s current and past points of entry when targeting donors;
  • Peer organisations’ funders;
  • Direct contacts with funders;
  • Database and searches;

come up with a list and detailed donor intelligence for 30 key prospect donors, i.e. 2 per Rikolto region and thematic area, as per the following breakdown:

  • Latin America: 2 prospects for cocoa programmes, 2 for coffee programmes, 2 for Food Smart City (FSC) programmes;
  • Asia: 2 coffee, 2 cocoa, 2 rice, 2 FSC;
  • East Africa and DR Congo: 2 coffee, 2 cocoa, 2 rice, 2 FSC;
  • West Africa: 2 FSC, 2 Rice, 2 Cocoa;
  • Belgium: 2 FSC.

This donor intelligence should minimally include:

  • Mission statement & area of focus
  • Application process & link
  • Due date
  • Contact info & donor communication channels info (website, social media presence)
  • Why they are a fit for Rikolto

This donor intelligence should enable Rikolto to get to know our prospective donors better, plan event attendance and communication campaigns/materials, and improving our fundraising proposals by focusing them better on what the donor needs.

2. Actively take the first steps in approaching the prospective donors (raise their interest for Rikolto’s programmes, secure meetings, …) so that Rikolto staff can immediately act to raise funds.

We expect that this active approach can be done by the consultant (or team of consultants) for at least 70% of the key prospective donors taken up in the donor research (step 1). It should provide programme staff and directors with actionable next steps to transform 'cold' donor relationships into 'warm' relationships.

3. Set up a system for donor research and donor advancement

In consultation with the Global Support Team, a system should be put in place to continue/refresh the donor research on a permanent basis, ensuring it is globally accessible. This should be linked to Salesforce, the database Rikolto is currently using for contact and proposal management.

We expect the consultant (or team of consultants) to provide the best tools to gather donor information, templates to capture this information, and a plan for implementation, procedures to follow, and capacity building of staff if needed.

3. Budget and timeline

The total budget available for this assignment is €45,000 (incl. travel & functioning costs). The assignment has to be finalised by December 2021.

4. Submission of tenders

If you are interested, please read the attached Terms of Reference and reach out by January 27, 2021, with the following information:

  1. CV
  2. Examples of relevant experience
  3. Cost overview split per component of the assignment
  4. Costs should include VAT
  5. Proposed timeline

Heleen Verlinden
Heleen Verlinden
International Fundraising & Communications
Nina Pattyn
Nina Pattyn
International Fundraising Advisor