Rikolto's "first" annual campaign in Belgium

Rikolto's "first" annual campaign in Belgium

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From 12 to 14 January 2018, thousands of volunteers took on the streets and supermarkets of Belgium, selling small gadgets to raise funds for Rikolto's projects worldwide. Contrary to previous years, no snow and rain, but a sunny weekend. And based on the first figures, the revenues from our campaign will be in line with the expected results.

With all the actions taking place during and around the campaign weekend, we aim to raise about 500,000 euros. Last year, the campaign topped off at 444,000 euros. "This is a crucial start for us to achieve our target of 1.8 million euros by the end of the year, for which we count on donations from loyal donors, sporting events and a wide range of other actions organised throughout the year", says Jelle Goossens, communications coordinator of Rikolto in Belgium.

A big shout-out to all our volunteers in Belgium, and everyone who has supported them!

It’s not only about raising funds

Our volunteers took to the streets with the following question: “What will we eat tomorrow?”, about the uncertain future of our food. Worldwide, farmers are leaving their fields behind because of climate change, high investments and risks, low revenues, ... "With the money we collect, we support farmer organisations worldwide to become strong business partners and we work towards a more just and eco-friendly food sector," says Jelle Goossens.

First campaign with our new name

For many Belgians, it was the first time that they saw Vredeseilanden/VECO’s new name: Rikolto. "Rikolto means harvest in Esperanto", says Jelle Goossens, communications coordinator of Rikolto in Belgium. "The name fits in better with our work on agriculture and food and - in contrast to the name Vredeseilanden - can be pronounced by our colleagues and partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America."