Right to Good Food: donate with us

Right to Good Food: donate with us

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Good Food is a right. Not a privilege. Good Food is healthy, produced with respect for the environment and biodiversity, and traded at fair prices.

Good food for all is Rikolto’s mission.

During Good Food Week, organised by Rikolto Belgium, 15,000 spoons have been handed out all over Flanders. Each spoon represents good food and a personal invitation to support Rikolto and the work we do to guarantee the right to good food across countries and generations.

This is why...

As the Global Support Team, we decided to support the initiative and invite you to donate with us. The campaign will run until the 17th of January. At the end you will receive an email with a list of Good Food tips and tricks that we collected to thank you

Donate with us

Poor or insufficient nutrition has a direct effect on our health and especially on our children’s health. Of the billion people living below the subsistence level, 700 million are farmers aged 55 on average. Young people are turning their back on the food sector because of a lack of opportunities. And last but not least, agriculture is responsible for almost 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions and for 70% of global water use, causing deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

Together with farmers, companies, scientists, and governments, Rikolto is harvesting new ideas to address these issues and feed a growing world population in a sustainable way.