New VECO website launched

New VECO website launched

Jelle Goossens
Jelle Goossens
Communications officer
0485/08.29.60 | 016/74.50.33

As you have already noticed we recently launched our new website.

Why? Well, time flies on the internet, new technologies come and go, and particularly the growing use of mobile devices created the need for this change. However, you will find that this is much more than a pure technical change. The website has also gone through major changes on the content level.

Discover & invest

A new and major part of the site is the section “Discover & Invest”. In short? Less ‘saying what we do” more ‘showing what we do”. The aim of the Discover & Invest – section is see it grow into a complete and comprehensive overview of our activities, all over the world. With not just the how and the why of each project, but also with information about investors, the partners involved, the facts & figures, the results that were already achieved and the plans for the future. What you see now is just a beginning, there is still a lot to be added and we still have some work on the level of the database.

Crowd funding

A new feature of the site is the ‘Make a donation’ button. This gives us the opportunity to apply the crowd funding principle to specific projects.

We hope to welcome you as a regular visitor of our website.