Cracking the nut

VECO is excited to be a part of the Cracking the Nut conference in Bangkok, Thailand on March 27-28, 2017. The conference will bring together private and public institutions to raise awareness on how changing demographics are impacting global demand and supply of food, especially in urban areas.

Conference sessions will showcase competitively selected best practices through three focused themes: Scaling Technology and Innovation for Agriculture, Improving Sustainability and Food Security for Urban Markets and Facilitating Links from Rural to Urban Parts of a supply Chain.

On March 27, our colleagues Nataly Pinto of VECO Andino and Gert Engelen (VECO/Vredeseilanden in Belgium) will present the work we're doing on Food Smart Cities in Ecuador, Honduras, and Belgium.

Food Smart Cities @ VECO

Discover our plans in and around 4 cities in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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