Multi-actor governance mechanisms

Multi-actor governance mechanisms

We guide and shape governance mechanisms for food systems change and to implement your strategy.

The implementation of a food strategy is difficult and complex work that requires an innovative governance mechanism. We can help you in the development of a governance system that assures the implementation and monitoring of the food strategy.

We have expertise in internal capacity-building. From creating ownership and collaboration between different departments to setting up an official institutional anchoring with other stakeholders and the organisation of a multi-actor governance mechanism. This mechanism can take various forms and shapes.

A food council, for example, is a platform that represents the local actors of the city’s food system. The diversity of stakeholders and their active participation often result in broad ownership and the emergence of new collaborations amongst these actors which will help the realisation of your sustainable food system objectives. Such a mechanism can address the policy environment, generate new ideas, initiatives and proposals, and can also focus on specific topics, such as youth involvement, food markets, healthy food in schools, citizens’ engagement, food waste management…

What can we do to support the set up or the strengthening of your multi actor governance mechanism? Depending on your needs we can take up the role of:

  • Catalyser: We organise capacity-building workshops to initiate an institutional setting where new collaborations between departments becomes evident and win-win scenarios are created.

  • Facilitator: We support your food policy coordinator in setting up an internal and external governance mechanism.

  • Coordinator: We lead the local food council through our locally embedded networks and people

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