Healthy and sustainable public procurement

Healthy and sustainable public procurement

Have your public procurement deliver healthy and sustainable food to its customers.

Achieving sustainability in procurement has its own challenges, depending on personnel, food suppliers, consumers and policy. We have developed an integrated approach to achieve your sustainability goals that involves everyone.

6 principles that guide our work

  1. Less meat and more plant-based.
  2. Sustainable fish.
  3. Local and seasonal.
  4. Fair trade.
  5. Sustainably produced foods.
  6. Avoid food loss and food waste.

Our integrated approach for your public procurement…

  1. Using a baseline measurement and together with the staff, we reflect on the current situation and develop a roadmap.
  2. During implementation of the roadmap we put extra effort into communication and broadening the support of all actors.
  3. If needed, we can help you with rewriting your tenders. Putting new sustainability criteria in your tender needs to be tailored to your capacity, limitations and ambitions.
  4. Capacity-building, workshops and theoretical lectures on for all stakeholders are also possible.
  5. Ad hoc advice, both during and after the implementation of the roadmap. Small tweaks, quick feedback or follow-up on the next steps? We’re here for you.

After our guidance, you will have

  1. A delicious, new range of food on offer: novel menu cycle with new ingredients and/or suppliers.
  2. A broad and engaged team with new motivation.
  3. Satisfied customers, because of your range of delicious, healthy and balanced food.

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