In Belgium, Rikolto was one of the NGO pioneers to draft its annual report in accordance with GRI, Global Reporting Initiative, criteria. An increasing number of large companies and organisations worldwide commit to reporting within this sustainability framework and to describing their economic, social and environmental impact.

Our 2013 Annual Report even won an award for the best Belgian Sustainability Report in the NGO category, presented by the Belgian Institute of Company Auditors.

In our reporting, we follow the tailored guidelines of the GRI Sector Supplement for NGOs, which are based on the INGO Accountability Charter. Since 2014 we have reported according to the G4 standard, “in accordance – core” option. In GRI language, this means that we will only report on core indicators, and that we will cover at least one indicator per “material” (that is: most relevant and impactful) aspect. The complete overview of all GRI indicators is included at the end of our annual report in pdf.