Financial report

In 2016, Rikolto’s organisational and governance structure underwent a complete makeover and we became an international network organisation. Rikolto has three legal entities: the Belgian Public Interest Foundation Rikolto International s.o.n., Rikolto Belgium v.z.w. (previously Vredeseilanden v.z.w.), and Rikolto b.v., an enterprise with limited liability. You can read more about these legal entities in the chapter on Governance.

This report covers the financial activities of the three entities. The focus in this chapter is on the analytical presentation of the consolidated financial statements, i.e. following the structure of the international network organisation. In the Annual Reports of the previous years, we only consolidated the figures of Rikolto International s.o.n. and Rikolto Belgium v.z.w. Now, for the first time, we are including Rikolto Limited in this consolidation.

** In total, the Rikolto Group (i.e. the three entities) spent €14,443,210 in 2021 and received €15,201,731, which led to a positive balance of €758,521.**